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Media and Guests Comments




‘For those keen to expand their gastro knowledge, Euposia is a wine tasting dinner club that brings people together at good restaurants with good food and wine. Luisa organises each event with great passion, seeking the right venue as well as undiscovered gems from the world’s best vineyards to match new and inventive dishes….’

North West Magazine


‘PR gal Luisa Welch has launched a season of wine tasting dinners. An enthusiastic wine buff, she initially started them as a way of seeing her friends. Each three-course dinner costs an extremely reasonable price…’



‘..There are some easy and enjoyable ways of learning about wine. Most wine is meant to be drunk with food, so you would be well advised to join a wine tasting dinner club such as Uposia. It’s named after the Greek work which loosely translates as ‘the enjoyment of good imbibing’. The idea is to find the right venue, restaurants offering new and inventive dishes that can be paired with rare gems from the vineyards around the world..’

What’s On in London


‘The idea behind these regular dinners organised by…Luisa Vogliolo-Welch, is to showcase wines fro particular producers and drink them with food that complements them well..’

Financial Times


‘..We are attending a meeting of Euposia, the London-based wine-and-dinner club that, each month, takes a different theme and sets it to food and drink. The club organiser, Luisa Vogliolo-Welch, moves around the tables  throughout the evening, opting for small group briefing sessions in preference to the glass-tapping, quiet-everyone style of presentation. Rather than drowning her listeners in grape varieties and acidity levels, she sticks to more easily assimilated details…’

Daily Telegraph


‘…More informally, Luisa Vogliolo-Welch’s Euposia involves wine-tasting dinners based on a theme. The tone is one of conviviality and friendliness, and it attracts many single people….’


The Independent Magazine

 img_0020.jpga very special dinner during the wine tasting trip to Piemonte


‘Thank you for such a lovely evening. All our friends have passed on glowing reports about it and we shall see you in September….’ JR, Aug.

 thanks once again for another successful event Luisa’…..KH Sept.



‘It was indeed a very enjoyable event and the wines were particularly good. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into giving so many people a good time…’ JP, Oct.


 ‘I just wanted to thank you very much for a fantastic evening last night, food and wine were both divine and the location was fun!’   ZW, Oct.


‘Thank you again for a truly amazing evening. The location, company, food and wine were outstanding (one of the best parties I have had in a long time – our whole table was in agreement!) CM,Oct.


‘I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great evening last night. We had a great time and the wine was fantastic’   CN, Nov.


‘Many thanks for another wonderful evening…my cheeks ached from laughing by the time I left and we all agreed it was the best one yet. You do choose the best menus and wine…’

CN, Feb


            Just a note to say I really enjoyed the dinner last night....great

food and wine and interesting people' JS, March


What a superb evening, as always the Pescatori provided such a superb meal  that I am lost for words. The Cassola was one of the finest dishes that I have ever tasted. I am still drooling, simply divine.

JP, May


Just a very brief note to say that the cassola was absolutely magnificent and I am very glad that I did not opt to have something else instead.

CD,  May


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last Monday in Pescatori. You do a brilliant job!  Please could you keep me in touch with all your dinners in the future AL, May 


I just wanted to say 'thank you' for a wonderful evening on Monday. It made staying in London and being away from home something to look forward to rather than something to regret! The food was fantastic, your choice of wine exemplary and the company fascinating 

AH, May.


It was arguably the best dinner I have had in years, and I cannot ever remember enjoying brilliant champagnes with a meal.    And what a meal !  Absolutely brilliant, and, if you had any media person present to write it up, you should have a big post-bag of new applications!

BF, August