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Corporate and Team Building Events
Searching for an event to:
* motivate your employees
* say thank you to your customers
* spice up a themeless cocktail party
A wine tasting is the deliciously fast paced way to break the ice, make friends and keep everyone alert.
From team building events to fun quiz nights, the permutations are many, to suit your budget, the number of people and the available time.
The emphasis is on humour, conviviality, developing skills to use at home or at a restaurant, team tasks and interaction between those attending.
And of impress your guests or employees with a unique, memorable and fun occasion.
The events can take place at your premises or at a preselected venue - the choice is yours.




Events are either tailor-made to suit your precise requirements or you can choose from:
* Stand up wine events with short commentaries, with a fun quiz at the end. With or without food, depending on location and budget.
* Sit down wine tastings with participants rotating tables so that everyone gets to know each other, with fun quiz at the end
* Blind tasting events - based on team tasks and great for team building
* Wine and food pairing over a more formal dinner or buffet, with or without a quiz
..... and many more!

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